Wastewater and Storm Channel Construction at Kadikoy-Maltepe Regions

Location: Istanbul
Project Completion Date: 24.09.2005
Client: Istanbul Water and Wastewater Management 

Project Description:
54.717 m long with the diameters between 200-2600 mm wastewater pipe constructions, 134.274 m steel sheet pile construction, 30.000 m long construction with shore, 65 m long and 5 m height of stone retaining wall construction, 4.195 m length of wastewater pipe lines maintenance, repair and rehabilitations, between 1000- 2000 mm diameters and 1.589 m of collector cleaning, the sizes of (4x2), (2,5x2), (2,2x1,2) and the volume of 11.000 m manhole cleaning, with the whole infrastructure 3110 m in length of road construction.